Random camera image freeze that can occur after a long runtime

I’m having some issues with the camera freezing after some time.
I’m using Unity and the latest unitypackage from github (v 3.8.0) together with ZED2 camera and SDK 3.8.2.
In my app I’m detecting people walking at the front of the camera and then processing that data on my end. There could be multiple people present.

It seems like the camera stops reporting new detection frame after some time. It’s quite random and it may work quite long at times. When it happens the detectionFrame in the ZEDManager is not changing anymore even if there are people moving at the front of the camera.

I see that one of the points in the changelog of the 3.8.2 SDK is:

  • Fixed random image freeze that can occur after a long runtime.

is it possible that this issue still occurs in some circumstances? In my case there could be multiple people walking at the from of the camera up to 30 people at times.

Would there be any specific Zed_Manager settings that would make it more stable? Currently I’m using:

  • depth mode - ULTRA
  • object detection - HUMAN_BODY_ACCURATE
  • filtering mode - NONE

Do you have any recommendation regarding Zed_Manager settings when it comes to multiple people in the room and the app running for hours? Would there be any other settings that I may need to change to prevent this?

Also, is there a way to get some logs from the SDK when the camera becomes frozen? Or generally is there either a log file or a setting that allows some more detailed SDK logs?

I’d appreciate any help,


Unfortunately, we are aware of this bug and we did not manage to fix it yet.

However, it appears less often when enabling the “image sync” object detection parameter. Can you try this out? In the mean time, we keep investigating and we will hopefully be able to solve this bug permanently in the near future.

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

hey Benjamin, thanks for a quick response,
I’ll give it a go and report here.

Do you think stopping object detection by calling StopObjectDetection() on ZED_manager and starting it again would get the camera to the working state?


I don’t think it solves the issue. However, you can call the reboot() function which should work.