quick setup to record video and all sensor data for storage for post processing

Hello, I just received my orion nx with 16gb ram and 1tb drive and zed x camera. I got it late due to production backlog at sterolabs and due to the late arrival I dont have much time to figure things out. The reason for purchasing it was to get data from the tractor so I could work on object detection and other items later on. I only have this week where the tractor can be in the field and would like to get this going so I can record the data. I installed the 4.1.1 sdk today, just wondering what is the quick and dirty way to record all of this for use later?
Sorry for the basic question, would not ask other than due to time crunch and if I miss it I need to wait for another year before collecting the data

Hi @roundtire
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I’m sorry you are in a hurry for the late delivery.

You can record SVO files with ZED Explorer and use them later as input for ZED SDK based software as if the camera is mounted on the tractor and streaming live data.

When using the new ZED SDK from v4.1.1, the recorded SVO v2 files also store the sensor data at full rate, this was not possible with the old SVO v1 format.

You can read more about the SVO recording on this documentation page.

If you want to create your recording software you can start with these examples on GitHub: