Questions when using SVO_recording.exe

Hello. I want to record SVO files for post processing with other software.

I have tried several times but my ZED Explore crashed every time after I pressed the “record” button, and empty svo files were established on my disk.

Then, I used SVO_recording.exe file to save svo file directly, using terminal of windows 11. SVO files can be saved normally, but I wonder if I can configure camera resolution and camera frame rate within terminal ?

Here are my questions:

  1. What are the reasons may cause my ZED_explore crash?
  2. How to set detail configurations with SVO_recording.exe except for file folders or name?
  3. I see we talked about SVO_Editor several times in the community, but I did not find relating files in my ZED SDK folder. Could you please show me where can I find it?

About my device:
Windows 11+ RTX3070
ZED SDK 4.1.2 + CUDA 12
ZED1 camera
No fault has been shown with ZED Diagnose

Hi @randname,

Thank you for reaching out and for describing your issue.

Can you validate that the “Output directory” parameter in the settings links to a folder for which you have the right permissions?

The SVO_recording.exe program is the compiled version of this sample: zed-sdk/recording/recording/mono/cpp/src/main.cpp at master · stereolabs/zed-sdk · GitHub
You can find the parameters and can update it to match your needs.

Can you find SVO_Editor under: C:\Program Files (x86)\ZED SDK\tools ?