Questions about Zed2i hardware and calibration


As a localisation sensor fusion expert, I would like to develop new algorithms with tightly coupled magnetometer/inertial/visual data and I have questions about the ZED2i hardware and calibration :

  • Cameras are rolling shutter but global shutter is more suitable for precise visual/inertial localisation. Is there or will there be a global shutter version of the cameras ?
  • Are Cameras and IMU clocks synchronised via hardware ? (e.g. IMU triggs the cameras)
  • On ZED2 datasheet, IMU and magnetometer seem to be different sensors (imu_mag_zed2.png). Is it the case for ZED2i too ? It’s not shown on ZED2i datasheet and some IMU sensors have a magnetometer inside.
  • If IMU and magnetometer are not the same sensor, how the rotation/position between IMU frame and magneto frame are handled ? How the clock synchronisation between IMU and magneto is done ?
  • What are the specs of the IMU and magneto ? It may be a Bosch BMI, but there is no spec about IMU and magneto sensors…
  • On the website, ZED2 and ZED2i works between -10°C et 50°C. But since ZED2i is industrial grade, I would expect it to work on a larger temperature range. Can ZED2i work outside this temperature range ?



Hi @Richard

  1. We are working on this feature for oncoming new products
  2. Yes, the sensors data contains a tag to indicate the sample received at the same time as a camera frame
  3. They are different sensors
  4. IMU and Magnetometer are synchronized by hardware. The transform is provided by the SDK
  5. All the specifications are available runtime by calling SDK API functions
  6. The -10°C et 50°C temperature range guarantees stable and calibrated image behaviors