Questions about Interactive Wall Content with Multiple Cameras


The content using the ZED camera before has been completed well and we are preparing another exhibition.

Although the content has not been determined,
we will use the Unreal Engine and utilize the skeleton data received from the camera

content to be projected onto a 13 meters wall and I’m going to install zed2 cameras under(or top) that wall

(Sorry for the bad quality of the picture)

1.Is it possible to accurately calibrate when installed in a row as shown in the picture?
(using zed360 and fusion api ?)

  1. If possible, how many cameras should I install on that wall?
    The distance between the person and the wall is about 2~3m,
    and the area the camera needs to hold is 13 meters, the same as the wall

  2. Is it possible to do everything with one PC?
    Or should we divide it into camera management PC and Content(Unreal Engine) PC?


Hello @satasam

Let’s go in order:

  1. Yes, as long as there is some overlap between the cameras (not all cameras, but there should be no “single” camera).
  2. It depends on the resolution you want to use. I recommend having the cameras on the higher part of the wall rather than the lower part. You can refer to this page (Support) to get the horizontal and vertical fields of view of the cameras and plan accurately.
  3. Since you want to use the Fusion, you need to use our Live Link plugin. If you decide to use more than 4 cameras, I recommend taking a look at the distributed workflow, using our jetson devices, the ZED Boxes (1 camera per Orin NX 8GB, or 2 per Orin NX 16 GB).
  • With the distributed workflow, you could have the cameras managed on the ZED Boxes, and the Fusion (low demand on resources) on the same computer as the content.
  • Take in account that you have to run 1 ZED SDK per camera, this is quite heavy on the GPU for 1 computer. Going up to 4 cameras on one computer, along with the content to some extent, is possible with correct performance on high-end GPUs (RTX 4070+). You’ll need to ensure you have enough USB bandwidth too, and consider adding an USB PCIe extension card.
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