Question about Object Detection with zed2

I am wondering which object detector is used in the zed-ros-examples and zed-ros-wrapper frameworks when using the example zed_display_rviz and also if it is possible to change this detector to a custom detector like it is shown here with the ZED SDK?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @hgutze
the ZED ROS Wrapper allows you to use all the AI models available in the ZED SDK simply by changing the value of a parameter:

The custom object detector feature is not yet available in the ZED ROS Wrapper because of all the problems reported in this Github issue:

okay, thank you very much for the information!

The two object detectors of the zed SDK “birds eye viewer” and “image viewer” differ from the object detector of the zed ROS wrapper/zed ROS examples, is that correct?

Do I understand correctly that I can also use the models MULTI_CLASS_BOX, MULTI_CLASS_BOX_ACCURATE, HUMAN_BODY_FAST, HUMAN_BODY_ACCURATE , MULTI_CLASS_BOX_MEDIUM, HUMAN_BODY_MEDIUM, PERSON_HEAD_BOX for the two object detectors “birds eye viewer” and “image viewer” axactly like in the case of the object detector for ROS?

Yes, the index of the models matches the index of the ZED SDK.