Question about converting from svo to avi


Thanks for the wonderful camera. I am converting the recorded svo into avi on Windows.

When I try to open the converted video with VLC, it returns an index problem. It can be opened with VLC but I cannot open it with opencv by the function VideoCapture. How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Andrew ,
you must use a codec compatible with OpenCV and you must be sure to correctly “close” the AVI file when the recording is finished.

Are you using our export example? What code language?


I am using the python export example.

What do you mean by correctly close the AVI file? I recorded it as the SVO format and converted the SVO file into AVI.


When you record an AVI file it is important that the file is correctly closed to update the AVI information in the file itself.
This operation is performed by this code line:

you must be sure that it’s correctly executed when you stop the SVO conversion.

You are recording and trying to play the AVI file by using OpenCV, if the machine is the same I exclude that it’s a codec issue and usually “indexing” problems are generated by a wrongly stopped recording.