Question about camera resolution

When I get the point cloud data, I find that I can customize the resolution of the point cloud data, just like the one shown in the official sample code:

2023-11-23 162557

Here I have a question, can I customize the point cloud resolution? Does a smaller resolution improve the accuracy of the point cloud data?

In addition, I found that the custom point cloud data here is used for visualization, while the default resolution point cloud data is used for saving?


Hi @zore017
custom resolutions used when retrieving data have the only effect of reducing the size.
This could bring advantages in improving the processing time or reducing the required bandwidth while sending data over a network, but it does not affect the accuracy of the information.

Thank you for your reply.
If I want to save data, the resolution doesn’t matter?

This depends on your task and your requirements.
You can save data at the resolution that you need.