Question about 3d bbox get

How do I get the world coordinates for 3d bbox

I have learned that the boundary frame coordinates of the target can be obtained through the following code, may I ask whether the coordinates are camera coordinate system or world coordinate system? If it is camera coordinate system, how should I get the coordinates of world coordinate system´╝č ```
object_2Dbbox = object.bounding_box_2d; # Get the 2D bounding box of the object
object_3Dbbox = object.bounding_box; # Get the 3D Bounding Box of the object

Hi @XueFu,

Glad to see you have been able to retrieve the 3D bounding boxes!

To select the reference frame the objects are retrieved in, you can use this parameter of the RuntimeParameters: measure3D_reference_frame - to be passed to the grab() method.

Thanks for your reply, How exactly does it work,like this? runtime_params = sl.RuntimeParameters(measure3D_reference_frame = REFERENCE_FRAME.WORLD,)

Why is the depth parameter of my 3d bounding box negative ? [[ -30.48 -46.977 -231.62]
[ -30.548 -46.846 -404.28]
[ 142.11 -46.801 -404.35]
[ 142.18 -46.931 -231.69]
[ -30.531 146.18 -231.47]
[ -30.599 146.31 -404.13]
[ 142.06 146.36 -404.2]
[ 142.13 146.23 -231.54]]

Hi @XueFu,

Indeed you can use it as so:

sl.RuntimeParameters(measure3D_reference_frame = sl.REFERENCE_FRAME.WORLD,)

The coordinates of the bonding box are given by the coordinate system defined in the InitParameters, more information on this here: Coordinate Frames - Stereolabs