Query around ZED Rig Mono

Hi there,

I’m trying to render an object on a 3D image of the user.
I dont want to use an invisible avatar, just the nodes on the body type.
I’ve been able to grab an instance of the framework and grab the node property, that I need.
I’ve grabbed the position and the rotation of that node, which seems fine in code.

What all do i need enabled, in ZED Rig Mono, to only include the users 3d image and not enable the avatar. I want to render a object on the node.

Sorted thanks, just need to instantiate less and grabbing the position and rotation doesnt seem to work exactly.

See code below.

            var neckPosition = body.rawBodyData.localPositionPerJoint[(int)BODY_34_PARTS.NECK];
            var neckRotation = body.rawBodyData.localOrientationPerJoint[(int)BODY_34_PARTS.NECK];

renders the object, too far forward when in instantiate the 3d object but looking around online, to see how that works.