Quality of classic depth (defect?)

Hi, I have Zed 2 camera, and I’ve made few records. I wonder is it really expected with such depth? Or is it defective?
I merely use non-neural mode (neural isn’t more precise but just returns dense depth estimation).

settings are
Processing: image.png…


Do you have some example to share ?
I would be easier to me to answer you with some images/videos.


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Processing: image.png…
i’ve attached 2 images to original post, but only 1 processed. So I’ve re-attached second here as well

Processing: Снимок.PNG…

in case website can’t process a screenshot a upload it to here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a1-zbLnH8LC2_6bobsZX8VzseP1AyaUw/view?usp=sharing