import error

Hi, I am using ZED SDK 4.0.8 on Ubuntu 22.04. I have created a conda environment and run the script in the environment to install the python api within my environment. The SDK is installed in /usr/local/zed

After activating my environment, running python3 in the terminal and doing import as sl and zed = sl.Camera() works perfectly fine.

However, when I execute my python script from this environment, I get the following error while importing as sl: “Unhandled internal exception (slutils)”

Any idea how I can fix this?

Hi @mukundbala,

This is indeed not intended behavior. Does this happen on any sample from our official repository, or on specific ones?

Thank you for the prompt reply. I made an error in my code :sweat_smile: It had nothing to do with the import error, but the unhandled internal exception error was being thrown because I was trying to load a set of params (InitParameters.load()) that didn’t exist…

Thanks anyway, looking forward to trying SDK4.1

Glad to hear that you’ve been able to solve the issue!