Python - SDK 3.4.0 - Zed 2 - Zed Fu Stops Creating a Mesh

I have an SVO file that was taken in 2 minute chunks (about 3600 frames), then combined into one large SVO file to create a scan of the full area (total 14,400 frames).

When running in ZedFu, it executes just fine and consistently says “Tracking State OK”, however after about 4000 frames it stops adding to the mesh, looking at the camera route, it appears mostly ok in the X-Z (horizontal) plane, however there is a rise in elevation (Y) coordinate, where none existed in the scan.

My questions:

  1. Is there a limit to the number of faces ZedFu will process as part of a mesh? (if so, what is the limit?)
  2. Is there something wrong that would cause the elevation drift?

When I try to run it using python code adapated from the examples it executes fine but stops processing a mesh as well after about 4000 frames.