Pyopengl directory

I got this error while running get python api file in python3.11 on windows, and I think it is because the pyopengl is not in the right directory.

Maybe I need to put the files manually, so I want to know where should these files be located.

Hi, can you run

python3 -m pip install --force-reinstall pyopengl

I’ve tried it, but the pyopengl is not installed correctly. I tried changing OpenGL into pyopenGL, openGL but it didn’t work. Is there other solutions for this issue?

I wonder why in your 1st screenshot there is a bug ‘Python’ written. How do you run your app ?
If you run it with another python.exe then to install pyopengl use

<path...>python.exe -m pip install --force-reinstall pyopengl

oh it worked. I forgot the python.exe -m