Pub_frame_rate as dynamic param

Machine used: ZED BOX ORIN NX
Camera model: ZED2i connected.
Ubuntu version / ROS Version: Ubuntu 20.04 / ROS Noetic

Greetings, I was checking ZED documentation and saw that the parameter pub_frame_rate should be published as dynamic, but I don’t see it in rqt and neither in the cfg file where all the dynamic params are being defined.

I tried to search if for some reason, this param is not dynamic anymore, but with no results. I imagine this feature was once available because I saw a related GitHub issue ([BUG] dynamic parameter pub_frame_rate missing? · Issue #593 · stereolabs/zed-ros-wrapper · GitHub). It would be interesting since we would like to test the performance of the system and test different pub frequencies to see which would be the best. Thanks from advance

Hi @AngeLoGa
In previous versions, this parameter was dynamic, but it is now static because we changed the way it’s used to improve the performance of the node.
In previous versions, we created a thread for data publishing to be able to throttle the frequency.
Now the node leverages the ZED SDK grab_compute_capping_fps parameter, that is an “InitParameters” value and must be set once at all when you open the camera and cannot be modified at runtime.