Problems to run the codes in samples folder

No problems with the tutorials but I can’t run the examples like body tracking, object detection and positional tracking.

My sys:
Windows 10(x64)
Cuda 11
Python 3.10.7

Attempt to call an undifined function gluInit, ckeck for bool(gluInit) before calling
File “C:\Program Files (x86) \ZED SDK\samples\bodytracking\python\ogl_viewer\”,line819,ininitglutinitO
File “C: \Program Files (×86)\ZED SDK\samples\bodytracking\python\”, line 86, in viewer.init(camera_info.calibration_parameters.left_cam,

when I try to initialize by changing parameters or something and tells me that it can’t find:
from cv_viewer.utils import *

Does anyone have any advice?


You probably miss some dependencies. For example, the body tracking needs opengl, opencv.
Can you try to run

pip install opencv-python
pip install pyopengl

And then run your script again ?