Problems in using Body tracking in SDK 4.0

I am trying to use the new SDK 4.0 for body tracking. I realized that the sample codes that were published for 3.8 will not work properly on the new version. I am trying to edit the old files myself but was wondering when will the new example codes be published.
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New example codes are published in Github. GitHub - stereolabs/zed-sdk: ⚡️The spatial perception framework for rapidly building robots and spaces that sense and understand their surroundings

You can also access new example codes in installation folder.

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Hello, thank you for your support.
The initial problem seems solved, but now I face a much bigger one when running the file. My whole PC start shutting down and I get the blue screen of windows. It might be related to multithreading.
The error I got was the following:

What failed: nvlddmkm.sys

System info:
OS: Windows 11 pro on ASUS Laptop.

  • Nvidia
  • Intel, which is integrated.


It looks like a GPU driver crash. Can you try upgrading the driver to the latest stable version?

Best regards.

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It worked now after updating my GPU driver, thanks :smiley: :+1:. However, it seems there is a problem in BODY_34 as it doesn’t show anything when I run it. How can we fix it ?

BODY_18 , BODY_38, and BODY_70 work fine.

Thank you,