Problem with using zed live link plugin

Hey, rencently, we were using zed2i with zed-live-link, with UE 4.26.2, the building process finished successfully, but when we hint play button, we cannot see the instance actor, but when change the property of the avatar-livelink, we can see the actor with T pose, but the body tracking result with zed2i cannot affect the actor.

we enabled the livelink plugin and add the zed in window->live link followed the instructions, and there are no errors, but just cannot see the animated avatar, please help.

ZED SDK: 3.7.7 (and the samples works fine)
OS: win11 with RTX 3090
CUDA: 11.7
UE: 4.26.2, and opened the ue project in the zed-livelink-plugin folder



I suspect the level blueprint of the scene is not correctly setup.

It should look like the blueprint shown on this documentation page (

You can send me a screenshot of your level blueprint if you want, I can take a look.

Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

Hi, @BenjaminV , thanks for your reply, and now we can see the avatar stand by with T-pose, but animation from ZED camera can not apply to the avatar, and we can see animation node on the live link panel. the level blueprint was kept default, described as below,



Can you make sure the “Cast to AnimBlueprint” node in the level blueprint matches with the Anim blueprint actually used in your Actor.
Open your Actor, select the Skeletal Mesh component and on the Details window, you should see a “Anim Class” field.

Hi, @BenjaminV , i think the relationship between the “Cast to animBlueprint” and the Animblueprint is matched, as flow images,

we have try many times, also with different UE version, ZED SDK version, and rebuild zed-c dll but we still cannot run the official sample, driver the avatar with zed-livelink plugin. :sob:


If the avatar is spawned in the scene in T pose, it means that UE is receiving the data from the SDK (it knows their is a detection) but does not apply it to the Actor.

The issue is most likely coming from the UE setup itself, not the SDK, nor the live link sample.
The UE project seems to be correctly setup, it can come from the data you receive.

To verify that, you can open the livelink window in UE, select the Livelink subject and look at the data you receive, to make sure it’s not empty for example.