Problem with NEURAL depth sense

Hi, recently i tried to make a depth sense code to run with the NEURAL depth sense, but i need to optimize the NEURAL DEPTH module, i use the command ZED_Diagnostic -nrlo, but the downloads stops at 7% every time, can someone help me out.

this line appears but after 7.5% the program just stop downloading.

Optimizing neural_depth_1.4 \ 7.5%[==> ] 10min 47s est. left

Hi @kspoksopksopsko
can you provide more information about the system that you are using?
OS version, CPU, GPU, ZED SDK version, etc.

Ohh, sure, my bad, here is the info:

OS : Ubuntu 18.04
CPU: Intel Core I7-9750H CPU @ 2.6GHz * 12
GPU: Geforce GTX 1660 Ti
Zed SDK Version: 3.8.0

This is what happen when i use de ZED_Diagnostic -nrlo commands

And this is the GPU behavior while the code was runnin

Hi @kspoksopksopsko
I must ask you to perform a test:

  1. Clear AI models: $ ZED_Diagnostic -aic
  2. Clone the zed-examples Github repository
  3. Modify the source code of the depth sensing example to get a detailed debug verbose mode:
    init_parameters.sdk_verbose = 676;

Compile the example, execute it, copy, and paste here the full console log

This was the full console log,

Please compile and run the C++ code with the required modification to get the full debug log.

Can you tell me how to do that exactly ?

I try the to run gcc main.cpp an keep getting this error.

You must use CMake to compile the C++ examples: