Problem with Advanced point cloud mapping example


I try to combine 2 examples Depth Sensing and Advanced point cloud mapping. Link

I am successfully getting output with Depth-Sensing but I am not able to do point mapping in my problem. Also, I am not getting any type of error. When the program starts I can see a very small dot/pixel which moves when I move the camera but it’s not drawing any line or anything.

Does anyone, know where I am getting problems?

Hi @Arpit
can you share the code that you are using?

Hi @Myzhar,

I upload my code to Github. Code

Hi @Arpit
I can’t see in your code where you start the Spatial Mapping module:

and where you retrieve the spatial mapping result:

Hi @Myzhar

If you go to lines number 98 to 107 in main.cpp file you will see the start of the Spatial Mapping module.

and in line 142 to 157 you will see the spatial mapping result is retrieved.

If you download the project and open the ZED_Depth_Sensing.vcxproj project in visual sudio then you will everything in the main file.

Also, I am combining 2 programs Advanced cloud mapping and a depth-sensing program. I can see the output of depth-sensing program but not cloud mapping project. To check depth-sensing program is working or not just remove the comment of line 136 and you will see the depth-sensing program.

You can check the output of the program.

Can you check while debugging if the point clouds are populated or not and if the Tracking state is OK or not?

Yes, the point clouds are populated and the Tracking state is OK during debugging.

Hi @Myzhar,

Is there any update regarding the problem?