Problem running ZED Mini with OpenCV For Unity sample

I am trying to run the Simple Marker Placement scene. The scene is able to play, but I got this message in the game view:

WARNING: “ZED for OpenCV” package not detected.
This sample requires it. Refer to the Readme file and
download it from the Unity Asset Store.

I looked into the Readme and Asset Store but there’s no such package.

I noticed in the inspector that the some scripts has issue being loaded but there’s no error in the console, like the one below:


Currently using:

  • Unity 2021.3.29f1
  • ZED SDK 4.0.8
  • ZED Unity Plugin 4.0.7
  • OpenCV for Unity 2.5.7.

Well I managed to do a dirty fix by disabling the #if ZED_OPENCV_FOR_UNITY at first line and #endif at last line for each of the script that contains it.

For some reason the plugin is not detecting the OpenCV for Unity package.