Prevent pose/tracking of HMD moving camera images inside HMD

I’m using a ZED Mini in Unity and a VR HMD (currently Quest 2 tethered to the computer, but also using Rift). The ZED is detached (not attached to HMD) and completely stationary looking at a remote scene. I have set the ‘Tracking is Static’. But when I look through the HMD, the camera images move and bounce somewhat in response to the HMD tracking (I’m guessing).

I’d like to stop this, so the camera images inside the HMD are still and do not follow the HMD movement/pose.


Not sure I understand, but to do that you’d have to render the ZED in the scene via ZED Rig Mono (not stereo) and project it into an object in your scene while using an Oculus Rig to view your 3D scene. You would have to use the same material as the Frame object under ZED_Rig_Mono->Camera_Left uses at runtime, I think.

See the attached video. Is that what you understood me to mean (above)?

As I move my head to view the scene, the image of the scene moves with my head, which I want to stop it from doing so that the image is static and I can look around the scene smoothly.

That’s what I understood, yes.
You’d have to make a scene for your headset as you would normally (without the ZED) and render the ZED on a plane in the scene with a ZED_Rig_Mono (not stereo, and with all AR options you can find in the ZEDManager disabled).