Precission getting 3d keypoints using different bodies [18, 34, 38, 70…]

Good morning!

I’m using the camera Zed 2i and I wanted to know if there’s an article or information somewhere of the precisions of the 3D keypoints models detectors for different number of keypoints (18, 34, 38…). And if it depends on the distance of the measures.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @acivit, welcome to the forum

The precision of the Body Tracking does depend on the distance, the farther the subject is, the bigger the area the pixels represent, and the lower the accuracy.

We do not have an article about the detectors’ precision, but we plan to release something of this kind once the 4.0 is not in the “Early Access” state. For now, a lot of our resources are dedicated to improving the body tracking accuracy and performance, it changes every week really.