Positional Tracking of ZED X Mini

We are testing the Positional Tracking Module of the ZED X Mini, but we are getting really poor performances (see the attached image, showing the comparison between the ground truth of a Motion Capture System - blue - and the results from the zed camera - red -, axes are in meters. Error on the Y axe is up to 1.2 meters, 40% of the trajectory width as it is 3 meters).

The problem doesn’t seem to be the environment as an Intel T265 can nearly match the ground truth position (we want to move to the ZED X Mini as the Intel is out of production).

Do you have any suggestions? Is there any particular configuration or calibration that should be used for this scenario?

The parameters we are using are:

    InitParameters init_parameters;
    init_parameters.camera_resolution = RESOLUTION::SVGA;
    init_parameters.coordinate_system = COORDINATE_SYSTEM::RIGHT_HANDED_Z_UP_X_FWD;
    init_parameters.coordinate_units = UNIT::METER;
    init_parameters.camera_image_flip = FLIP_MODE::OFF;
    init_parameters.sensors_required = true;
    init_parameters.camera_fps = 120;

    PositionalTrackingParameters tracking_parameters;
    positional_tracking_param.enable_area_memory = true;

Hi @mibo, welcome to the forums!

First steps to improve the tracking would be to set the positional tracking mode to quality in the tracking_parameters. It would also be beneficial to use a higher resolution.

Also, the tracking quality depends on the environment. Can I ask you to send us an SVO of your testing sequence so we can reproduce it on our side and give more insight? You can host it on the platform you want and send the link either here or to support@stereolabs.com mentioning this topic.

Thank you for the response. Using QUALITY improved the situation, but it was still not as good as expected. I will record an SVO as soon as possible and send it to the mentioned email.

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