Position of the lens's focal point for ZEDX2.2mm

I am writing to ask about the ZED X 2.2mm model lens.
Could you please inform me about the position of the lens’s focal point in relation to the camera lens surface? Specifically, I am interested in knowing how many millimeters inside the lens surface the focal point is located.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @Motoki
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The camera sensor is placed 20 mm behind the front surface.

Hi @Myzhar
Thank you so much! That helps a lot!!

Hi @Myzhar
Is the distance from the front surface to the sensor surface 20mm?
I’m working on 3D modeling and examining the angle of view. The vertical field of view is set at 80° for ZED X2.2mm, but something doesn’t add up,

Yes, that’s correct.

Did you download the 3D model from our support page?

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