Position getting stuck on Xavier AGX, SDK3.3.3

I am having an issue where the position tracking stops updating after an indeterminate (anywhere from 5 minutes to 2hours) amount of time.
Depth output continue to be correct.

The camera.getPosition(…) output continue to say that tracking is “OK” but the pose never changes even when it is obvious it should. Restarting the program fixes the issue.

Using SDK 3.3.3 on a Xavier AGX.
I checked on future releases and there didn’t seem to be any bug reported/fixed related to this.

Hi @MattC11
can you verify if the problem persists in the ZED SDK v3.5 that has been released recently?
In case you notice that the problem is still present, can I ask you to record an SVO in the same conditions and send it to support@stereolabs.com sharing a download link using an external service (dropbox, Google Drive, etc)?

I’ve switched to 3.5, will see if it happens again.
I assume I can’t record the svo externally since I am connected and need to toggle the recording somehow from inside my program in that case (can’t record continuously or it would be too big).

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So far I have not been able to replicate the issue on 3.5.

I have seen the case where is gets stuck returning that the tracking state is SEARCHING though, but the pose continues to update in that case. Should I be resetting the tracking in that case? I assume it is just doing frame to frame tracking at that point and no longer taking advantage of the map it generates?

Exactly, SEARCHING means that it is not founding any known position on the map and it’s updating the pose only by differential visual odometry.
I do not know if resetting the tracking can help.
@SL-PY can give more information about that.