Pose Tracking Status

I am reading the status of pose tracking with topic /zedx/zed_node/pose/status and I am getting a value of 5 for status… What does 5 mean

This seems to happen when I call the reset odometry service. If don’t do any reset calls then the status stays 1 = OK while I am subscribed to the pose topic but after a while the status goes to 5. I can bring the status back to 1 by calling the reset tracking service (takes a few seconds)

In my application I need to record multiple unrelated short paths relative to a starting point. I supppose I can simply use the first pose at the start of my trajectory as the origin but I don’t know how loop closures will affect this

Is status = 5 some sort of ‘tracking stopped’ state and can be recovered from by calling a tracking reset ?. Why does it go to status 5 after a while ?

Hi @stark117
normally 5 is a not expected value.
I’m going to debug the node to understand why that value is published in the status topic.

See What does POSITIONAL_TRACKING_STATE = 5 indicate? - #6 by thandal

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