Pose and Odom frames missing

rosbags collected by ROS1 from ZEDx camera drop frames dramatically.
From rqt_bag visualization:

Pose and Odom topics are not published continuously.


    pos_tracking_enabled:       true                            # True to enable positional tracking from start
    pos_tracking_mode:          'GEN_2'                          # Matches the ZED SDK setting: 'GEN_1', 'GEN_2'
    set_gravity_as_origin:      true                            # If 'true' align the positional tracking world to imu gravity measurement. Keep the yaw from the user initial pose.
    imu_fusion:                 true                            # enable/disable IMU fusion. When set to false, only the optical odometry will be used.
    publish_tf:                 true                            # publish `odom -> base_link` TF
    publish_map_tf:             true                            # publish `map -> odom` TF
    map_frame:                  'map'                           # main frame
    odometry_frame:             'odom'                          # odometry frame
    area_memory_db_path:        ''                              # file loaded when the node starts to restore the "known visual features" map. 
    save_area_memory_db_on_exit: false                          # save the "known visual features" map when the node is correctly closed to the path indicated by `area_memory_db_path`
    area_memory:                true                            # Enable to detect loop closure
    floor_alignment:            false                           # Enable to automatically calculate camera/floor offset
    initial_base_pose:          [0.0,0.0,0.0, 0.0,0.0,0.0]      # Initial position of the `base_frame` -> [X, Y, Z, R, P, Y]
    init_odom_with_first_valid_pose: true                       # Enable to initialize the odometry with the first valid pose
    path_pub_rate:              2.0                             # Camera trajectory publishing frequency
    path_max_count:             -1                              # use '-1' for unlimited path size
    two_d_mode:                 false                           # Force navigation on a plane. If true the Z value will be fixed to "fixed_z_value", roll and pitch to zero
    fixed_z_value:              0.00                            # Value to be used for Z coordinate if `two_d_mode` is true
    depth_min_range:            0.0                             # Set this value for removing fixed zones of the robot in the FoV of the camerafrom the visual odometry evaluation
    set_as_static:              false                           # If 'true' the camera will be static and not move in the environment

Hi @yyyxs1125
the ROS node begins to publish odom and pose topics as soon as the Positional Tracking module is correctly initialized and the pose of the camera is reliable.

The holes that you see are caused by bad results of the positional tracking module.
What was the camera looking at?

By Rviz, the depth and rect color images look already, what specific points need to be checked?

And I also noticed that /zed/zed_node/path_map and /zed/zed_node/path_odom were not published.

Can you please check the status of the positional tracking module by monitoring the diagnostic parameters with rqt and the Runtime Monitor view?

Hi, I have sent an email to support@stereolabs.com to add more information including rqtview, please have a look, thanks.