Poor body tracking performance after upgrading version

Hi, I just installed SDK 3.7.6 and CUDA 11.7 and the zed diagnostic looks all green.
Have booted up the sample body tracking and not only is it very slow, it’s jittering all over the place even when I’m standing still.
I have used an older version with Unity to do body tracking and it was working perfectly. But now in unity and in the body tracking sample it’s unusable. Has anyone else encountered something like this?

Also I have never been able to get the depth viewer to work nicely regardless of what mode/settings I choose. It’s always super noisy and jittery even with a static image. Is this normal behaviour? Perhaps these two things are linked but I’m not sure.

Many thanks for any help!

No this is not an expected behavior, can you run again the ZED Diagnostic tool, save the result file and send it to us, as well as a short SVO file to the support email: support@stereolabs.com