Point_cloud_to_save using GPU

Hi, I am using ZED2i, widow 10, CUDA11 with C++.

I have a question of saving point cloud while using GPU.

As debuging ZED SDK\samples\depth sensing\depth sensing\cpp file,
I can’t save the file using GPU (while using CPU, ply file was saved well).

As shown in below code, MEM::GPU Doesn’t work well.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you!

The data has be available on the CPU to be saved correctly.

You can use the updateCPUFromGPU method before saving the point cloud to fix your problem, or directly retrieve the point cloud on CPU as you said.

Thank you for replying:D

I am new with C++ and this device, So I don’t have any idea to solve it.

I try to fix it, But It dosen’t work well.

So could you describe how to use [updateGPUfromCPU] this function in my case

Thank you

@LeeHyokBeen You are using updateGPUfromCPU instead of updateCPUfromGPU.