Please add non-interactive mode for installer

Currently the Zed SDK cannot be installed on Ubuntu in an automated fashion, which means it can’t be part of .deb packages (and can’t be installed in Docker containers, etc.). This severely hinders our deployment workflows.

Please add a -y option or similar to the SDK installer to install it in non-interactive mode, which automatically accepts the license agreement, installs CUDA if necessary, etc.

Either that or make the SDK available as a Debian package.

Hi @JC31
the feature that you are requesting is already available by using the option --silent.

You can get an example from this link:

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Where is the documentation for these options? The output of --help is:

Makeself version 2.4.5
 1) Getting help or info about /opt/breakfast/tmp/ :
  /opt/breakfast/tmp/ --help   Print this message
  /opt/breakfast/tmp/ --info   Print embedded info : title, default target directory, embedded script ...
  /opt/breakfast/tmp/ --lsm    Print embedded lsm entry (or no LSM)
  /opt/breakfast/tmp/ --list   Print the list of files in the archive
  /opt/breakfast/tmp/ --check  Checks integrity of the archive
  /opt/breakfast/tmp/ --verify-sig key Verify signature agains a provided key id

 2) Running /opt/breakfast/tmp/ :
  /opt/breakfast/tmp/ [options] [--] [additional arguments to embedded script]
  with following options (in that order)
  --confirm             Ask before running embedded script
  --quiet               Do not print anything except error messages
  --accept              Accept the license
  --noexec              Do not run embedded script (implies --noexec-cleanup)
  --noexec-cleanup      Do not run embedded cleanup script
  --keep                Do not erase target directory after running
                        the embedded script
  --noprogress          Do not show the progress during the decompression
  --nox11               Do not spawn an xterm
  --nochown             Do not give the target folder to the current user
  --chown               Give the target folder to the current user recursively
  --nodiskspace         Do not check for available disk space
  --target dir          Extract directly to a target directory (absolute or relative)
                        This directory may undergo recursive chown (see --nochown).
  --tar arg1 [arg2 ...] Access the contents of the archive through the tar command
  --ssl-pass-src src    Use the given src as the source of password to decrypt the data
                        using OpenSSL. See "PASS PHRASE ARGUMENTS" in man openssl.
                        Default is to prompt the user to enter decryption password
                        on the current terminal.
  --cleanup-args args   Arguments to the cleanup script. Wrap in quotes to provide
                        multiple arguments.
  --                    Following arguments will be passed to the embedded script

Which makes no mention of --silent, skip_tools, or skip_cuda.

Also when I looked at the script in the installer I couldn’t find any of those strings.

Ok I was able to coerce the valid options out of it by doing ./ -- help (with space), producing:

	-h --help
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