Plane detection


I am investigating using the zed 2 to do aruco localization. I have the opencv version working fine, and then decided to see if I could use the plane detection as a way of disambiguating the aruco orientation. But I am wondering if I am at the limits of what the plane detection can do. I am using interior lighting, the range is roughly 40cm, and I am using an aruco markers (25mm). What I am seeing is that the range on the plane is either very noisy or significantly off relative to my aruco measurements. Here are the settings that I am using:

self.runtime.sensing_mode = sl.SENSING_MODE.STANDARD
self.runtime.measure3D_reference_frame = sl.REFERENCE_FRAME.CAMERA
self.runtime.confidence_threshold = 10
init_params.camera_resolution = sl.RESOLUTION.HD720
init_params.depth_mode = sl.DEPTH_MODE.QUALITY
init_params.coordinate_units = sl.UNIT.MILLIMETER
init_params.camera_image_flip = sl.FLIP_MODE.OFF

So my question is whether what I am asking the system to do is beyond what it can do, or if there are settings that I should be using instead. The first answer is fine if that is the truth of the matter, but I am hopeful that maybe there is something else that I should be trying. Thanks.

I got much better performance when I upped the resolution to HD2K, and explicitly set the minimum distance.