Performance issue with Unreal plugin after a day of runtime

I am creating a virtual assistant with a ZED 2 Camera. The purpose of the camera is to track people running by and then respond to them. After a day of letting the application run (we want this app to run for even longer times), the performance drops from 30 to 20-10 FPS and there are lag spikes about every second. I know this performance problem could be due to anything, but I’ve tracked it down to your plugin as I’ve run a map that doesn’t have the camera but still has all the other features and the performance was fine, even after a day.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @LudwigHeimspiel, welcome to the forums!

It could be an issue with resource management in the plugin itself, but I’m afraid it will be very difficult to track down on our side.
It would help if you could run diagnostic tools on your projects, like Unreal Insights, and share your results.
There is no need to use it continuously, you can profile a minute when you start your app, and a minute after a day, and compare the runtime of what’s running.
You can also check the memory to see if it could be some resources not being managed correctly.

  • Also, if you can share the parameters of the SDK you’re using (depth mode, AI body detection models, resolution, fps, any settings you’ve not let to default, what modules you use) it will surely help.
  • Please also include the resulting file of ZED Diagnostic (save the file at the end of the diagnostic).