Perfect or near-perfect audio synchronization

For our ZED project we need to record and synchronize audio with our stereo video with absolute minimum delay. Does anyone have any suggestions for or success stories doing this? Simply running ZED_Explorer and an audio recording process, or starting another thread that starts close to when the ZED starts isn’t sufficient sync both due to start and potential dropped frames. We are doing our ZED recordings on linux embedded systems (different Jetson devices). If you can suggest approaches, libraries, or even existing examples that would be fantastic.

Here it seems implied to use a single loop, but I don’t fully grasp how to implement it. For example, given a functional audio reading loop it could be simple to not read audio if zed drops a frame, but there is the new issue that zed reading and audio reading delay each other and maybe mess up the framerate.

So given that, my best understanding is that to get absolute minimum delay&drift you’d still want to record video and audio separately, but have some post-processing tool to synchronize the streams. Is this correct? Any advice or examples would be greatly appreciated!