Pairing an additional 2D camera with Zed camera

Hello community members,

I am currently seeking assistance with calibrating an industry 2D camera using the Zed camera. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with prior experience in this calibration process could provide guidance or point me towards relevant resources.

Thank you kindly for your attention and support.

Hi @ChrisCL, welcome to the forums!

One way of doing this is to use ArUco/chessboard detection on both the ZED and your camera and find out the correct transform matrices between the cameras. Then use them in your virtual production set-up.

We have a sample to track ArUco using the ZED: GitHub - stereolabs/zed-aruco: ZED SDK samples using ArUco tag detection

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Hi @JPlou, thank you for your reply and the valuable information! I appreciate your suggestion to use ArUco/chessboard detection on both the ZED and my camera. It seems like a great solution for finding the correct transform matrices in my virtual production set-up.

Also, thanks for sharing the GitHub sample, I’ll check it out!

Thanks again for your support!

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