Original ZED camera specs

Apparently the developers removed all spec info from the original zed camera, the 1st model.

could anyone share:

  • the used image sensor
  • possible resolutions and frame rates
  • horizontal/vertical FOV
  • dimensions & weight

It would be nice if the company at least leave a link to a PDF w the specs from older versions.

best regards.

Hi @amamory
welcome to the Stereolabs community.
The first ZED camera model is no more on the market, that’s why you cannot find information about it on our website.
What you are searching for is however still available:

The image sensor of the original camera is not available but for the new camera it is. Here it says that the sensor for ZED2 is OV4689.

Is there a reason to not have this info for the old camera, but have for the new one ? the opposite i could even understand.

Since you are saying that both cameras have the same resolution/fps config. are not they using the same sensor ?

thanks for the other pointers.

best regards,

Hi @amamory
I’m sorry, I thought this was a not publicly available information.
Yes, the old ZED was equipped with the same OV4689 CMOS sensors.