Optimizing skeleton models freeze

Hi there!

I want to optimize all the models manually using the following command:

ZED_Diagnostic -aio

When it comes to the HUMAN BODY ACCURATE optimization, it freezes at:

Optimizing skeleton_accurate_2.0 / 90.1%[===========================> ] 0min 24s est. left

I don’t know why.

I’m using the version 3.8.2


In ubuntu 22

I have installed both cuda11.7 and cuda12 in my computer.

I don’t know if it is frozen or it just takes too long to optimize.

Optimizing individually another model, such as HUMAN BODY MEDIUM DETECTION also freezes at 90.1%

Thanks in advance


I left all night optimizing and when I came back this morning it was all done, it took 3 hours for the human body accurate detection to optimize and 1 hour to the human body medium detection.

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:


We’ve had similar issue on several different Windows PC setups. I think it started after update to SDK version 4. Seems to happen on all versions to at least up 4.07. Optimizing same model like human body medium can take from minutes to over nearly 24 hours. What’s worse, sometimes the optimization seemingly fails to ever complete.