Optimizing skeleton models freeze

Hi there!

I want to optimize all the models manually using the following command:

ZED_Diagnostic -aio

When it comes to the HUMAN BODY ACCURATE optimization, it freezes at:

Optimizing skeleton_accurate_2.0 / 90.1%[===========================> ] 0min 24s est. left

I don’t know why.

I’m using the version 3.8.2


In ubuntu 22

I have installed both cuda11.7 and cuda12 in my computer.

I don’t know if it is frozen or it just takes too long to optimize.

Optimizing individually another model, such as HUMAN BODY MEDIUM DETECTION also freezes at 90.1%

Thanks in advance


I left all night optimizing and when I came back this morning it was all done, it took 3 hours for the human body accurate detection to optimize and 1 hour to the human body medium detection.

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile: