Optimal settings to maximize FPS during fusion

We have 6 ZED cameras performing fusion. Accurate, non-glitchy skeleton data (of type BODY 38) is very important for our use case. Running the following settings in the “Edge Body Tracking” application through ZED hub yields an average camera FPS of about 8-9 when running ZED 360:

I understand that high FPS is of importance, particularly during calibration, and I believe our achieved FPS is quite low. What are your advice for the optimal settings to use in order to maximize the FPS achieved during calibration, and more importantly, when recording skeleton data?


You can change the detection model to Body 18 during the calibration process. That should significantly increase the FPS of the detection without affecting the quality of the calibration.

The parameters that will impact the FPS the most are: the body format, the detection format (you can switch to MEDIUM for example), the fitting, and the camera resolution.

I think the Human body medium is more suited to Jetson devices, the Acurrate model might be too heavy.

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