OpenCV ZedSDK dependency and separate installation conflict

I am using the zedSDK 4.02 with CUDA 10.2 to extract frames and parameters from a zed camera in C++.
Now I want to use the OpenCV dnn module to further process the images.
Here’s the problem:
I compiled OpenCV 4.7 with all necessary modules from source with vcpkg.
Since zedSDK has it’s own dependency on OpenCV 3.1, cmake detected both OpenCV installations and only included zedSDK’s OpenCV 3.1 (which is missing the dnn module).
My solution so far is to tell cmake to only include my own compiled OpenCV version 4.7.
But now zedSDK has problems finding certain .lib files (opencv_xphoto.lib to be exact) when compiling my project.
Just using zedSDK without my own OpenCV version works fine, as does only using my own OpenCV version without the zedSDK, so I suspect that there is a complication with using both OpenCV versions at the same time.

Does anyone have experience with using a separate OpenCV version together with the zedSDK?
I am not very proficent with C++ dependecies and Cmake so I am running out of ideas.


The ZED SDK is not linked with a particular OpenCV version. Only the samples need OpenCV.
If you are using Windows, we install the opencv with the SDK and put it on the PATH for the samples to work. Maybe that’s your issue ?