Open SVO file in Unreal Live Link project not working

[Sample] Using SVO File input: Test1.svo
[ZED][Init] [ERROR] Cannot load SVO file. Check that the path of the SVO is correct, avoid white spaces in filename, add “.svo” extension to filename.
ERROR : Open
Error INVALID SVO FILE, exit program.

I get the above error no matter what I put into the path. It seems like the string is not getting copied to the dll function. I have put a svo file in the same directory as the executable and did a print statement of it up into the ZEDCamera.cpp and it looks fine at that point before going into the api. I also can open the SVO with the ZedExplorer tool just fine.

sl::ERROR_CODE ZEDCamera::Open(SL_InitParameters& initParameters, const char* pathSVO, const char* ip, int streamPort, const char* outputFile, const char* opt_settings_path, const char* opencv_calib_path) {
if (m_funcOpen == NULL)

std::cout << "PATH==" << pathSVO << std::endl;
sl::ERROR_CODE e = (sl::ERROR_CODE)m_funcOpen(camera_id, initParameters, pathSVO, ip, streamPort, outputFile, opt_settings_path, opencv_calib_path);
return e;



Can you try to give the full path to the svo instead ?

I’ll look at it.

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon

Thanks BenjaminV for the quick response. I did try adding different variations of the path and all still yielded the same result.