Only Zed X Cameras on Isaac-sim?


I want to use Z cameras on Isaac-sim. I have checked stereolabs isaac sim repo and this tutorial. Setting up ZED Camera in Isaac Sim - Stereolabs
It seems like that only Zed X camera is available in Isaac Sim. Any guide on how to bring other cameras to simulation?

This is my follow-up question to my previous post. Can I use Zed X on ubuntu with RTX gpu? (No jetson)
In summary, I want to buy a camera that I can connect it to my PC and also have it in Isaac Sim. What is the best option?

Hi @alibuildsai
the ISAAC Sim extension allows you to simulate a generic ZED camera with a 12 cm baseline and use the ZED SDK with such simulated data.
The field of view of the camera is comparable to the field of view of real ZED 2, ZED 2i, and ZED X cameras with 2.1 mm optics.