Object-Detection with Fusion / Multi-Cam


simple question: Is it possible to use the new Fusion / Multi-Cam API also for Object-Detection?
Find the object-detection quite powerful and would love to see it in a multi-cam setup.

Best Thanks,
Vincent :slight_smile:


It’s not possible right know. It’s not a technical constraint, we just did not take the time to implement it yet :grinning:

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Hi, we were also waiting and expecting that feature. Any estimation of when that will be available?

@alassagne We would also be interested to hear about the time estimation of this feature.

We are trying to figure out room tracking by having multiple Zed2i cameras surround a playing field,

Our current plan is to use the unity engine, along with the Unity Open CV Package. Getting the position of the cameras relative to one another, then using a heft of math to get some positions, but still it doesn’t solve for ids.

Would be excellent to get these points using multiple cameras. Having those values in either the Unity Engine or in Touch Designer would be incredibly useful. If there’s a way to vote on features or see a roadmap for this feature that would be great, thank you!