Object Detection Performance Decrease in SDK v4.1 vs SDK v4.0.8


I’ve recently updated to Zed SDK v4.1 and noticed a significant decrease in performance for Object Detection. I’ve done two scenarios with the same software setup but compared SDK v4.0.8 and SDK v4.1.

v4.1 takes >2x times longer to run retrieve its objects compared to v4.0.8
Metrics for SDK v4.1

Metrics for SDK v4.0.8:

Hardware: Nvidia Jetson Orin NX 8GB
Camera: Zed X
Resolution: SVGA

I haven’t quite had time to find what portion is taking longer, its possible its the Grab or Object Retrieval.

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for reporting this, we had not detected such an issue in our previous tests.
We will try to reproduce the issue with your setup and get back to you shortly.

To make sure that we can reproduce your issue:

  • Are you using the custom object detection module or Stereolabs’ object detection? Which OBJECT_DETECTION_MODEL are you using?
  • Can you run ZED_Diagnostic tool and send the resulting JSON file? To make sure we match your setup


Stereolabs Support