Object Detection module corrupted

Dear Developers,
When I run the Diagnostic.exe I get this warning: “Object detection module corrupted. Please reinstall the ZED SDK and enable the Object Detection option.”
I tried to install both the 3.7.2 and the 3.6.5 ZED SDK versions with CUDA 11.5.0, but this message still occurs.

How can I solve this problem?

Attached please find the diagnostic file. ZED_Diagnostic_Results.json (12.9 KB)

Best Regards.

Hi @GildaM
that warning message is related to CUDA and not to the ZED SDK, probably there is a conflict with the CUDNN and TensorRT DLLs.

I suggest you uninstall CUDA, the Nvidia Driver, and the ZED SDK, then search for eventual residual Nvidia/CUDA folders in C:/Program Files and C:/Program Files (x86) and manually remove them.
At this point start the latest ZED SDK installer (currently v3.7.2 for CUDA v11.5) and follow the instruction to install CUDA and the Nvidia driver when asked.

Let me know if this solves your problem.

Hi @Myzhar,
I followed your instructions but the object detection problem still occurs.

I added the bin, lib, and include folder of CUDNN to the CUDA path and the warning does not occur anymore.
Though, with ZED SDK v3.7.2, when I run “ZED Diagnostic” it crashes before “AI Models” and when I run “ZED Depth Viewer” it doesn’t work.


Are there any solutions for this problem ? I have CUDA 11.7, but the problem is the same

We recently encountered an issue with cuDNN and SDK 3.7.5 on windows. I advise you update to 3.7.6. CUDA installation can be really a pain, I advise you uninstall everything about nvidia before you install the SDK, and the SDK will install the driver and CUDA correctly.


It worked! Thanks a lot for kind support.

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