Object detection failing using ZED SDK 3.7.7

Hi All,

A few weeks ago I was testing out some of the ZED object detection models using a ZED2i and ZED SDK 3.7.6 on a nvidia jetson orin agx running containers with jetpack 5.0.2. I manually installed the SDK and everything appeared to work fine. When SDK 3.7.7 came out, I immediately decided to upgrade and everything seemed fine until I tried using the object detection. I kept getting hit with

At first, I thought it was something I messed up since I was also testing a new build configuration for my docker containers, but after troubleshooting for a while I figured that it was only a problem with SDK 3.7.7. Any ideas about how I can go about resolving this issue? For now I am just sticking to SDK 3.7.6. Any advice or assisstance on this issue is greatly appreciated!


Hi @woudie-swap
there is probably a mismatch of CUDA, TensorRT, and CUDNN library versions required by the SDK v3.7.7.
Can you run the ZED_Diagnostic in the container and send the report file that it generates?

Hi @Myzhar ,

Apologies for the delay, hmmmm thats odd, what versions are expected for v3.7.7? I won’t be able to re-produce the error for a little bit and get the diagnostics report, but when I do I will return to this thread and send it

Hi @woudie-swap
meanwhile, I suggest you migrate to ZED SDK v3.8 to take advantage of all the big improvements that we added.