Object_class_filter capability


I want to detect any obstacle that is close to the camera, not just a specified type…
The SDK is not clear on this point…
In order to get all the available classes, the filter vector must be empty :
object_class_filter = {}
But does this guarantee that it will detect all objects ? (Say a plane, drone, tree, horse, dog, human etc…)

How can the floor plane and certain fixed structures partially in the camera’s view be eliminated in post processing ?

Hi @srinath,

The available classes that can be detected by the ZED SDK in-built Object Detection module are listed here : OBJECT_CLASS (you can also check OBJECT_SUBCLASS for a more detailed list).

The ZED SDK provides a method to detect the floor plane at runtime (you can check our API doc and sample).
But more generally speaking, I suggest you check this OpenCV documentation to see how to perform background subtraction in your images.

Hope it helps