Object/body tracking with truly fixed camera

As I’m beginning to play with and expand the examples in Unity, is there a way to make the camera/zed_rig not attempt to adjust its position/orientation at all while still retaining the ability to track objects/bodies/etc.? I feel like just about any demo except pointcloud flat out fails to enable its respective tracking (e.g. with Error: INVALID_FUNCTION_CALL) if the overall Position Tracking: Enable Tracking box is not ticked on the ZED manager. But if it is ticked, even a stationary camera yields occasional sudden jumps of 6-8 degrees (even with Spatial Memory ticked). Ticking Tracking is Static removes the mid-run jumps, but launch over launch the camera frequently initializes to a different perceived angle.
We have the ultimate goal of making an unattended permanent installation using fixed ZED cameras- possibly more than one- and any setup that requires repeated launches and babysitting to arrive at an admissible on-screen alignment isn’t going to fly.

Hi @NNSkelly

The system can drift over time, and that should be fixed by “Tracking Is Static”. However, it should be fairly stable over launches.
As I mentioned in your other topic, it could be a camera IMU issue, fixable by resetting the IMU.