Object Batches seem not to work

Hi everybody!

I was curious about the object batching that was announced with the 3.5.0 release and wanted to try it out. So I took the Sample code (object detection / birds eye viewer) from GitHub - stereolabs/zed-examples: ZED SDK Example projects as well as Street and Runners files from this post: Sample or test videos - #3 by nizaguilar

Compiling and running the code works fine, however, it always tells me that there are 0 objects detected. No matter how long I let the program run (as I understand, there’s a delay). I’ve set
#define USE_BATCHING 1
in the main.cpp file, so I guess it uses batches then.

Am I missing something important here? Are there any restrictions on how to use the object batches.

In case this is relevant: I used the C++ version on a Windows 10 PC.

Hi @Arthur5
sorry for the very late reply.
Can you provide a snippet code to understand if there is something wrong with your configuration?