Not able to stream/capture images from 4 Zed X One Cameras connected onto a ZED Box Orin with GMSL


We had recently purchased 4 ZED X1 GS 4mm cameras and ZED Box Orin NX alongside with GMSL support as well. The setup was done by following this link : Get Started with ZED X One - Stereolabs. After setting up the nvargus and the zedx-one-capture to stream image data out, we are able to see just 2 camera streams at a time even when all 4 cameras are connected. Looking into the troubleshooting guide, we also set the speed of the MIPI lanes by following the same instructions. Please let us know how to ensure we can stream from all 4 cameras at a time

Hi @adhandayuthabani
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As reported on the store page and the datasheet of the ZED Link Duo card, here are the supported input configurations:

  • 2x ZED X stereo cameras.
  • 2x ZED X One cameras.
  • 2x ZED X + 2x ZED X One cameras.

Thanks @Myzhar If we purchase a GMSL Quad card separately and we replace that with our existing GMSL Duo card that comes default with the ZED Box, would it breach our warranty ? Also would there be any need to add another power supply for the extra card?


  1. If you unmount the ZED Box you void the warranty because you modify the factory heat dissipation setup
  2. the ZED Box is based on the Orin NX module that is not compatible with the ZED Link Quad. The Quad capture card can be used only with AGX Orin modules