No module named 'sl' on windows

I saw some similar error,but it can’t fix my problem.
The problem is,even though i finish my SDK install,pycharm still post :ImportError: DLL load failed while importing sl: 找不到指定的模块。(moduel not found)
I’m using:
Windows 11
Python: 3.11.9
ZED SDK: 4.1.2
I checked my env but it looks alright?

Any help would be appreciated.
English is not my mother tongue,sorry if any word offensive.

Hi @3Asterism,

Indeed it seems the sl_ai and sl_zed DLLs are in your python environment, can you confirm that the pyzed directory you’ve shown is located in C:\python3.11\Lib\site-packages?

I can suggest you follow this post to solve your issue: Problem with loading DLL - tips in other threads not working - #2 by alassagne

@mattrouss Much thanks for your reply.
I checked pyzed directory is located in C:\python3.11\Lib\site-packages.
I used dependencies to check and i found two error in sl_zed64 like this:

but i found nvcuda.dll at sl_ai64.dll is fine,i don’t know why

My coding computer don’t have graphics card,maybe thats the problem?(not sure)
I’m trying to test the python code on my coding computer and after i finish,i will upload to the server that have graphics card.Is that SDK only working on computer that have graphics card?

I’m trying to post a pic but An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

The error like a DLL file with a red exclamation mark.It’s said:C:\Windows\system32\nvcuda.dll moduel has missing imports.But I use Dependencies to check,it’s all fine.
First is nvcuda.dll
Second is nvcuvid.dll
At sl_ai64 nvcuda.dll is fine and i don’t know why.

Hi @3Asterism,

Indeed, the ZED SDK requires an Nvidia graphics card with a Compute Capability > 3.
I would suggest trying on your server with a graphics card and see if you have the same errors while running the program.

I tried on server it works just fine.
Thank you :+1:

Glad to hear it works! Closing this post